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Food processing industries have very specific needs in terms of packaging: 100% safety and tracking from ingredients to finish products fresh, cooked or blast frozen.

Schoeller Allibert, partner of world leaders in food processing industries has developped with them process and logistics solutions that are fully compatible with high speed conveying and automated storage systems, and are 100% food contact certified.

Meat, poultry, fish milk and dairies, bread, confectionery, fruits and vegetables... We offer a complete range of boxes, pallets, pallet boxes, Folding large containers and dollies that increase process and logistcs efficiency.

Our New Euro H1 pallet range is hygienic, standard, and safe, tested according to DIN EN ISO 8611-1 norm. Weighing only 18kg for a dynamic load of 1250kg and a racking load of 1000kg, its widely open deck promotes airflow and speed cooling process. Smooth welded runners are easy to clean and compatible with most automated handling devices. The range includes a flat deck model with top rim and a version with centring blocks enabling E2 boxes and euro containers to be safely located and held during transport and handling.

Most food processes being highly automated, Schoeller Allibert has designed packaging that hold heavy loads on racks and high bay storage systems.

We also provide future proof tracking systems with integrated RFID tags and bar codes; Our experience in this field is unique and has proven outstanding reliablility for years.

Our solutions accelerate supply chain loops and speed up profitability. Our reusable packaging is sustainable and fully recyclable at end of life.

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